Access to Cannabis For Medical Purposes Regulations – Know The Details Today

Since August 2016, the way you do business of marijuana for medical purpose regulations is changing. The govt. is bringing new law, new terms and conditions so that it could accelerate better marijuana business for cannabis producers. Today we are exploring all the points, discussing them with you so that you can have knowledge on access to cannabis for medical purpose regulations and what it actually entails.

The way how individuals are accessing the dried marijuana is changing. After August 2016, the access to cannabis for medical purpose regulations is reportedly replacing the old MMPR (Marijuana for Medical purpose regulations). Since introduced in 1999 marijuana law and legal things has changed a lot. All we know that in 2000, R.V. Parkar held that only persons with medical licenses could grow marijuana products such as cannabis oil etc. later in August 2016, judge decided in court it was unconstitutional. Since then the marijuana law changed again. Today as of August 2016, the MMPR contains four parts and they are following -

1st part sets out a same framework like MMPR, which is actually a set of framework for commercial productions by licensed producers responsible for production and distribution for quality controlled dried marijuana products. 2nd part sets out framework for individuals who are eligible to produce limited quantity of dried marijuana own medical purposes or to designate someone to produce for them. The 3rd part and 4th part include Transitional provisions, which mainly relate to the continuation of MMPR activities by licensed producers, Consequential amendments to other regulations that referenced the MMPR to update definitions and broaden the scope of products beyond dried marijuana and Provisions repealing the MMPR and setting out the coming into force of the ACMPR on August 24, 2016. Clearly ,While administrating the ACMPR, the two main role of health Canada is following - 1st one is licensing and overseeing of commercial industry and registering individuals to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes.

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