The Penumbra Podcast

The Penumbra Podcast was designed by Harley Takagi Kaner and Kevin Vibert.
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There are two most important tales in just The Penumbra Podcast: The 2nd Citadel, which normally takes put within a fantasy globe where human beings are battling monsters[7] and Juno Metal a detective noir story set in the distant long term.[8][nine] Juno is a handsome, trenchcoat-donning black detective.[10]

From 2016 to 2018, The Penumbra Podcast utilized artist Mikaela Buckley to make art for the characters of the podcast. In her depictions, some figures (most notably Juno Steel) had been black. Some people today felt that the podcast was brownwashing the characters with no placing real exertion in, as the voice actors virtually solely ended up white. The Penumbra Podcast issued an formal apology on September 24, 2021, a few weeks following consciousness about the matter was elevated. Products that includes Buckley's art was discontinued. The Penumbra Podcast however has her art on their site for archival functions.[11]

The Penumbra has received good focus for its significant LGBTQIA+ themes. The web page E-book Riot labeled it a single of "the best fiction podcasts you need to listen to."[twelve] Melissa Locker of The Guardian named the podcast "a storytelling show that provides traditional tales a head-spinning twist".[thirteen] It was rated number 17 in Tumblr's 2019 list of best world wide web sequence.[fourteen] Mackenzie Hubbard of The Michigan Everyday, reported "I've listened to [the podcast] 4 instances and I have cried each time".[fifteen]

According to Joshua Dudley of Forbes, the podcast has won 6 distinct AudioVerse Awards.[16] The podcast won "Finest New Initial, Long Kind, Compact Cast, Ongoing Manufacturing" in 2016.[17] In 2017, "Most effective Actress in a Supporting role for an Ongoing, Remarkable, Output" went to Kate Jones for playing the character Rita in Penumbra, "Best Actor in a Supporting job for an Ongoing, Spectacular, Manufacturing" went to Noah Simes for actively playing Lord Arum, and "Very best Actor in a Leading job for an Ongoing, Extraordinary, Creation" went to Joshua Ilon for taking part in Juno Metal.[eighteen] The podcast also won ideal "Audio Perform Generation" in 2019 alongside with far more awards for acting.[19]

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