Supporting staffing and collaboration

Planning for staffing needs to address legal issues as they arise is an intricate puzzle. Striking a balance between having the right expertise available in-house and managing costs across the peaks and valleys of need is a delicate exercise.

Some companies outsource their entire legal departments, whereas others choose to have a fully staffed, in-house legal department. In almost all scenarios, there is an occasional need for legal outsourcing, whether for additional resources or for a certain subject-matter expertise offered by a law firm. Staffing levels and priorities also can evolve over time, in response to the macroeconomic environment. During periods of economic uncertainty, companies sometimes scale down their internal legal staff to cut costs.

Consultants can guide legal departments and help them establish an efficient, cost-conscious balance between in- and outsourcing, supported by processes and technologies to evaluate and benchmark the efficiency and cost. Additionally, outside specialists can play an important role to bridge the gap between legal departments and the business side, bring parties together, and gather information. For example, when a company is under investigation, it is often necessary to engage other internal departments, such as IT and compliance, to determine best practices to respond to the investigation needs, identify relevant information, and develop a response plan.

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